Mar 30 2011

Just got my Lipid Profile and I’m Excited!

Last year my Cholesterol Risk Ratio (LDL/HDL) was at 5.68 (way too high) and my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor. So I decided to see if I could lower my Cholesterol through diet and exercise (weight loss). After a pretty shaky start where I was unable to keep up any kind of consistent exercise program and was very haphazard when it came to eating right, last Fall I finally came across something that has seemed to work for me — Shaklee nutritional products. And although I’m still not exercising like I should be, I’ve been able to get my weight down from 215 to below 190 and have kept it there for two months now. This was accomplished with the use of Shaklee’s Cinch Weight Management Products. My routine is this, I have a meal replacement shake in the morning almost every weekday and sometimes on weekends. Usually it’s Vanilla Cinch mixed in the blender with frozen fruit.  And for lunch a couple days a week I’ll have a Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chip Meal-in-a-Bar. Otherwise my diet hasn’t changed drastically as I’ve always been fairly good about watching what I eat and not eating unhealthy foods too often. Although, I do still enjoy the occasional pizza (Il Cane Rosso), hamburger (Twisted Root) and chili dog (Angry Dog). But it’s amazing that since I’ve been on the Cinch program, I’ve craved these types of food far less than I used to.

And as for my most recent Lipid Panel results, my Cholesterol level is still about 5-7% higher than my doctor and I would like for it to be, but my HDL level (good Cholesterol) is up 6 points and my Triglycerides are down 50 points. I still have a little ways to go as I’d like to get my HDL up another 6+ points and get my LDL (bad Cholesterol) down, but the major benefit of my efforts is that my Risk Ratio (LDL/HDL) has dropped from 5.68 to 3.4 (40% decrease) and I’m now in the normal range by being under 3.55.

I truly believe my great Lipid Panel results can be attributed to two things: 1) Shaklee’s Cinch Weight Management Program that has enabled me to lose almost 20 pounds and maintain it; and 2) Shaklee’s Cholesterol Reduction Complex which I’ve been taking for the past couple of months.


I plan to continue with my healthy diet choices and the Cinch Weight Management Program, as well as continue to use the Cholesterol Reduction Complex and hopefully in a few more months I’ll be able to report back that my Cholesterol levels are even  better than they are today. I also plan to start exercising more regularly, even if it’s only doing something as simple as taking the stairs more often. The one thing I do know for sure is that I feel a lot better and have markedly increased energy levels since starting using Shaklee products.


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