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Mar 30 2011

Just got my Lipid Profile and I’m Excited!

Last year my Cholesterol Risk Ratio (LDL/HDL) was at 5.68 (way too high) and my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor. So I decided to see if I could lower my Cholesterol through diet and exercise (weight loss). After a pretty shaky start where I was unable to keep up any kind of consistent …

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Mar 08 2011

The Vicious Diet Cycle

There are a lot of “fad diets” out there and some them actually work, temporarily. However, when they result in quick weight loss, not the slow, safe weight loss of about 1-2 lbs. per week (as recommended by the National Institutes of Health) they typically don’t result in the sustainable weight management we all desire. …

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Feb 24 2011

Dr. Oz Show expert does food makeover in local woman’s home

Dr. Oz Show expert does food makeover in local woman’s home. During his nationwide “Just 10 lbs.” book tour, sponsored by Shaklee, Brad Lamm visits a North Ridgeville, Ohio woman’s home to help with her quest to lose weight. You can find out more on Brad Lamm and his new book on Dr. Oz’s Website.  …

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